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Stair Systems

The Trad stair tower is an independent access stair system to provide safe and efficient access to on site work locations. The stair tower is comprised of high quality manufactured, prefabricated components. The stair tower is assembled from steel standards, ledger beams, purlin rails, frames stair flights, landings, quad rails and hand rails. The stair tower is a flexible and versatile system designed for integration into other scaffolding systems or stages.

All components are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel conforming to current British and European standards. All components are marked with Trad identification and month/year of manufacture to provide full traceability. Components are subject to regular testing by independent and approved UK testing facilities.

Trad stair tower offers many benefits including -

  • strength-stair tower design makes it extremely robust with permissible loads (personnel) exceeding those of alternative stair systems.
  • speed-the system design makes the stair tower faster and simpler to build than alternative stair systems.
  • flexibility-stair tower can be used as an independent stair or in conjunction with traditional tube and fitting scaffolding or system scaffolding.
  • cost savings – the stair tower is easy to assemble and is designed to maximise productivity and improve efficiency on site.
  • Stair tower is manufactured to the highest possible standards thereby ensuring the quality of each item. Trad stair tower is tested and designed in line with the ISO 9001 series of quality management systems.

Furthermore, Trad stair tower and its associated products offer compliance with the following;

  • BSEN 12810 part 1 façade scaffolds made of prefabricated components; product specifications.
  • BSEN 12810 part 2 façade scaffolds made of prefabricated components; particular methods of structural design.
  • BSEN 12811 part 1 scaffolds-performance requirements and general design
  • BSEN12811 part 2 –information on materials
  • BSEN 12811 part 3-temporary works equipment – load testing.

Trad stair tower and safety

1. Competence of erectors

Competence of individuals working at height is now a direct requirement of the current ‘work at height’ regulations; consequently, employers have a duty to ensure that all individuals involved in the erection ,modification or dismantling of any scaffolding equipment that receive the training necessary to enable to execute their work in a safe manner.