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Health & Safety

Oswestry Shropshire scaffolding Ltd treats the safety and welfare of all employees and whomever else may be effected by its activities, be it the general public or in a construction setting. This is achieved to the highest expectations by providing:

  • A safe place of work
  • A safe working environment
  • Information/ instruction/supervision and training
  • Safe plant and safe systems of work
  • Safe handling, storage and transportation of goods

Oswestry Shropshire scaffolding are committed to making the policy available to all interested parties. The policy it will be monitored and reviewed annually or more frequently if and when appropriate. We are committed to communicating effectively with all employees by the provision of the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision. By doing this we ensure everyone’s health and safety. All contractors will receive copies of the policy requirements. Any amendments or implementation of the policy will be communicated to all employees and copies will be passed on to contractors as required.

We as a Company are fully committed to the continual improvement of our Health & Safety Management system. This includes setting measurable Health & Safety objectives, which have been agreed by the Board of Directors along with a framework to ensure these are subject to formal management review. The Company is fully committed to meeting and complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

2 Responsibility of the Company

The Company in the provision of Scaffolding Services and Solutions undertakes to:

  • Provide adequate resources for information, instruction, training and supervision of offices, and workplace areas
  • Define areas of responsibility for all employees and ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities on Health and Safety matters. Responsibilities will also be reviewed when appropriate amendments to the policy are made as well as annually
  • Provide facilities whilst ensuring full consultations are carried out with employees to support them and all contractors implementing the safety policy
  • Carry out assessment of workplace risks and ensure these are highlighted and Communicated to those affected
  • Provide appropriate safety equipment, protective clothing and training in its use
  • Ensure that incidents and accidents are reported correctly. Causes will be identified and actions taken to prevent further occurrences

3 Responsibilities of Employees and Contractors

Final responsibility for Health and Safety in the Company rests with the Managing Director but it is the duty of all employees and contractors, at all levels to maintain the correct health and safety procedures:

  • To maintain safe working practices whilst taking reasonable care to avoid injury to themselves and others in the systems of work, handling, storage and transportation of products.
  • To co-operate with the Company and other people in the workplace, to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved or affected by our work.
  • to never act recklessly or misuse anything provided in the fulfilment of this Policy. And to always work in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974/The Environmental Protection Act 1990 /The Offices Shops and Railways Premises Act 1963/The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation 2002/ Use of Work Equipment Regulation 1998/Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulation 1998 & The Work at Height Regulation 2005(as amended) and any other relevant legislation.
  • To develop a personal concern for your own and other’s safety, also suggest ways of eliminating hazards and speak out if you see anything which may be unsafe. Report accidents promptly so that we can continuously improve and help prevent others from injury